Cake Byte: Popsy Cakes Makes Cupcakes on a Pretzel

Are you still eating cupcakes with your hands, like a jerk?

Well, time to get with the newest cake delivery mechanism: via pretzel stick!

That's right. Capitalizing on the facts that everything tastes better on a stick and that sweet tastes better with a little salty, Popsy Cakes specializes in chocolate-coated cupcakes served on a pretzel stick.

As it turns out, while the company is new to me, it has been around for a while and has a very interesting story (per the website):

The PopsyCakes Company was founded by Jessica Cervantes when she decided to create an innovative cupcake on an edible stick in 2006 at the age of 16. Ever since her grandmother taught her how to bake, Jessica has loved measuring and tasting different ingredients - and mixing them up to see how her culinary creations would turn out. But it wasn't until Jessica became a part of the International Business and Finance Academy at John A. Ferguson Senior High school, that baking and business came together in a brand new recipe for success.

The budding baker/entrepreneur, who emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba as a child, competed against 25,000 business students across the country and won first place in the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship ( National business plan, a competition which was held on October 23, 2008 in New York City. Her innovative creation has caused a great buzz across the United States.

Popsy Cakes come in a variety of different flavors--I personally have my eye on the "Strawberry Milkshake", which is described thusly: "Taste bud bursting strawberry cake wrapped in creamy white chocolate. Finished with strawberry drizzle and colorful sprinkles (or jimmies if your are from New England!)." Of course, they also offer Vanilla Bean, Red Velvet, Peanut butter, and many other flavors.

A big thanks goes to CakeSpy reader Patti, who alerted to this cupcake trend and who gives them a rave review: "for me, it was a religious experience". 

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