Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

That's felt food!

Let's indulge this weekend. Starting now:

Delightful, but not delicious: my new obsession, Fuzz E Food.

The best ice cream in the US? Here's a roundup.

You say Nanaimo: CakeSpy's love of the Nanaimo Bar is documented in a Memphis publication! (thanks, Diana!)

I love LA: CakeSpy Shop customers visiting from Los Angeles tell me The Village Bakery + Cafe is "the best!"

Sweet news: in Chicago, Hot Chocolate's Mindy Segal is opening a new type of bakery.

Food for the eyes, but not fulfilling: a treatise on cake shows on TV.

Things I wanna eat: Ebelskiver at Broder.

Bakery I wanna visit: Royal T in Los Angeles! (tip from Jenn!)

I'm just not sure if a Marijuana Mocha sounds delicious to me.

The Boston Baked Goods Hall of Fame. What sweet would you nominate?

I find bakery product trends fascinating.

Sweet: an ode to the unsung heroes of biscuit (cookie) embossing! (thanks Anna for the lead!)

My new favorite publication: Lucky Peach, brought to you by McSweeney's, David Chang, and Peter Meehan.

Sweet interview: Get ready for Urban Craft Uprising with this CakeSpy interview!

30 under 30: I'm featured in this roundup of talented foodie young 'uns.

Sweet Bluebird: In Seattle, Celebrate Bluebird Ice Cream's birthday, enjoy music, and see the unveiling of my mural!