Cake Byte: Cake Pops by Seattle Cake Pop Company

I'd like to tell you about a company that was just born. It's just a few weeks old, and it's called Seattle Cake Pop Company. They don't even have a real website yet, just kind of this placeholder thingy.

I became acquainted with this baby at the Urban Craft Uprising, where they had a little kiosk where they were selling their pops.

And I looked that baby of a company's products in the eye and said "Get in my belly".

I grabbed a strawberry one, you know, because it was pink. 

With a dense, sweet cakey filling and an equally sweet candy-melt coating, this was not necessarily a refined treat, and they would have been a bit easier to eat had they done the trick of dipping the stick in the candy coating before adhering the ball (so that it wouldn't just fall off the stick upon bite one)...but you know what? Overall, this was a supremely enjoyable sweet experience. It did the trick, and I'd be delighted to come across them again at another festival or encounter them at another birthday party.

Of course, if so inclined, you could make your own cake pops by following this tutorial or by buying my friend Bakerella's amazing book on the subject, Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats.

Look out for more in the future from Seattle Cake Pop Company.