Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 Let's start the weekend sweetly, NOW!

Sweet: CakeSpy designed a cupcake hero button for Busy Beaver Buttons!

Going beyond the cupcake: More theories.

Roaringly delicious: Megan Seling tells us we should go to Cafe de Lion in Queen Anne, Seattle.

Pretty Pretty Princess: A new princess-themed cookbook for kids (and princess enthusiasts of all ages).

Gluten-Free, but full of awesome: delicious GF chocolate cupcakes by The Cupcake Project.

You are officially permitted to make this for me: Creme de Cacao Torte!

What is baking powder? Baking Bites dishes.

I hear very good things, even if the first word of their business name frightens me: Healthy Stuff Cakery.

Good idea: Summer Pie Party.

Sweet San Francisco: or should we call it Pie Town?

Boo-Meringue: Meringue Bake Shop has a sweet new website design.

C'est Bon: Bien Cuit opens in Brooklyn!

Dainty Cakes for sweet appetites: Dainty Cakes seems like a sweet destination in Henderson, NV!

Another type of Turkish delight: dondurma, a sticky ice cream.

When a jelly roll mates with a pancake: The Donkey Roll, a sweet California specialty.