Cake Byte: Robicelli's Has a Retail Storefront in Brooklyn

File under "OMG". Robicelli's, that creative purveyor of cupcakes in Brooklyn, has taken one grand step for sweetfreaks everywhere: they've opened up a retail storefront!

That's right, friends. According to a personal message to CakeSpy with love from Allison Robicelli (a trustworthy source if there ever was one), 

As of last Saturday, Robicelli's now has it's own storefront on the corners of Flatbush Avenue and Willoughby St in Brooklyn! Stop by next time you're in town!

That's right. So close to Pratt Institute, where I studied illustration! Where were you 10 years ago, Robicelli's?

My advice: go visit next time you're in NYC. Or, if you're in NYC, go there now. Even if they're not open during the hour you read this, go there and wait til they open. You'll be rewarded with delicious and creatively flavored cake when they do open for the day.

For more info, visit the Robicelli's site.