Cake Byte: Pick CakeSpy, IFBC New Orleans!

Bless you, Twitter. Because here I was, considering doing something like paying my insurance bill, when you popped up with this via Foodista's IFBC feed:

ATTN: @IFBC #NOLA tix giveaway contest!! Write a post- why u want to attend then tweet post w #IFBC and we'll select 3 bloggers by 8/2!

Well, okay. That sounds a whole lot funner than paying my insurance bill, and I can think of many reasons why I'd like to attend. But I'll just give you the best 3, ok?

1. The festival is August 26-28, and people, August 26th is my birthday. I am turning 30! That is a milestone. I think it would be absolutely appropriate to give me the foodie gift that gives back. 

2. I must be an ambassador of sweetness in New Orleans. I have never been to New Orleans, which is almost embarrassing as it is considered the Mecca for King Cake and Beignets, and is also the place where Bananas Foster was invented. Seriously. And at the festival, which is celebrating the rich culinary traditions of New Orleans and features bakeries Sucre and Parkway Bakery among many other establishments, I know I will get to try some of these sweets at the source. As a professional Cake Gumshoe, I think it is absolutely vital that I have these experiences and report my findings to my sweet readers.

3. OMG! There is a session on recipe development with my heroes Dianne JacobKate McDermott, and Deb Perelman . This would really help me make my next book (I really want a second book to happen, but you know, you can help by pre-ordering book 1) even awesomer, don't you think? 

I already told you it's happening on my birthday, right? OK, just wanted to make sure.

I'd usually say "vote for me" here, but just do it in spirit, because I think it's more of a "throw your name in the hat" type of thing, you know?

For more info, visit the IFBC website.