Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 If your baby isn't wearing one of these, it's not as cute as it could be.Let's get this party started. Sweet links o' the week:

Baby Onesies! Featuring CakeSpy art! OMG!

A gorgeous rainbow of cookies

Small state, big deliciousness: a secret bakery gem in Rhode Island.

Sweet! Cake Gumshoe Sarah (you may remember her from her guest posts, including how to bake in a dorm) has started her own blog! Check it out here.

Holey yum: Lemon Coconut Mini Doughnuts!

Sweet Hearts...literally! How to bake a heart into a cupcake. (thanks, SoapQueen!)

Things you are allowed to buy me: Brownie Pops by Chocolate Swirl. Denver? Taste of Denmark Bakery in Colorado.

Have we talked enough about my cannoli ice cream recipe? No, not enough.

Simply sweet: a simple and delicious chocolate ice cream recipe.

Reader-suggested: Peterson's Tasty Delights Bakery in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Stuff baked in stuff. It's big. 

Don't snicker: could Snickerdoodles be the next big thing in dessert?

The growing trend of shrinking cupcakes: but I like BIG cupcakes!

Internationally delicious: Butter Tart Cupcakes!