Cake Byte: Blueberry Pie Cupcakes for August at Trophy Cupcakes

August rules, yo. For many reasons (my birthday, for instance), but this year, one highlight in Seattle is Trophy Cupcakes' announcement that they are now offering Blueberry Pie Cupcakes. Per their newsletter:

It’s the height of the farm market season and Trophy Cupcakes and Party has added their Blueberry Pie cupcakes to its lineup of seasonal-inspired confections. Made with Skagit Valley’s own Hayton Farms organic blueberries, Trophy’s classic vanilla cupcake sits atop a buttery pie crust and is filled with luscious house-made blueberry pie filling. The cake is topped with a swirl of vanilla bean buttercream, a fresh blueberry and a wedge of pie crust.           

“Our Blueberry Pie cupcake is an amazing cake-pie hybrid confection,” said Trophy Cupcakes and Party owner Jennifer Shea. “It truly contains the most delicious parts of two traditional treats, blueberry pie and vanilla cake. From the buttery, flaky pie crust to the moist vanilla cake and farmer’s market blueberry filling; the combinations of flavors equal dessert heaven.”

Blueberry Pie cupcakes will only be available at Trophy Cupcakes and Party retail locations at Wallingford Center, University Village and The Bravern through the month of August. To order our Blueberry Pie cupcakes, please call 206.632.7020 or visit for more information.