All you Knead: Sweet Treats from Knead, San Francisco

In San Francisco, there is a place called Knead. And on a recent trip to the area (to visit Humphry Slocombe), SpySis pointed out that while this is an eatery, there is a pastry counter in the back. It looked did the specials...but they were between lunch and dinner and there was nothing there!

However, SpySis was kind enough to share a picture of a previous delicious experience and to describe it for me. When I asked "what is it in this picture, SpySis?" her response was:

A huge Cream puff, and a confection that was like a crème brulee, with a caramelized top, but it was like a custard on the inside, but cakey on the outside, very sweet on top. It could be eaten with hands but they were indeed sticky hands afterward. It was all very very good.

Well, I trust that sister of mine and think you should too. Find Knead at 3111 24th Street, San Francisco; on Twitter here.