Cake Byte: BYOC Bring Your Own Cake Party at CakeSpy Shop Today

CakeSpy, several birthdays ago.Guess what? On August 1 turned 4, and yesterday I turned 30 and I want you to help me celebrate my birthday month.

Since I just turned 30, I definitely want at least 30 cakes in my life this week. So, from 12-4pm today, Saturday the 27th of August (the day after my actual birthday) I am having an open house party at my Seattle art gallery, CakeSpy Shop, which is located at 415 East Pine Street, Seattle WA.

The only catch is that since it's MY birthday, I demand that you bring ME cake. It can be a slice or a cupcake or (if you're so moved) a 7-layer cake, but it's BYOC (bring your own cake!). Presents not necessary, though I am not lying, if you brought me one I wouldn't refuse it.

I'll make sure to have milk, forks, plates, and napkins.

Open House: 12-4 pm

Location: CakeSpy Shop, 415 East Pine Street, Capitol Hill, Seattle.

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