Batter Chatter: Interview with Tracy of Simply Sweet Cake Pops

Cake Pops, are like, so in. There are amazing books about them, and they're doing extremely well in bakeries. So when I met Tracy, a totally sweet cake pop maker based in Kansas City, MO, with a custom-order cake pop business called Simply Sweet Cake Pops, I was excited to get the sweet scoop on her business:

True or false: Everything tastes better on a stick. I'd have to say true! Not only is cake on a stick yummier, corn dogs aren't too bad either.

What got you started in the illustrious world of cake-pop making? Back in 2006 I had a cake bite for the first time at a church Christmas dinner. It was love at first bite. I got the recipe and began making them for family and friends. At first I was more interested in creating different flavor combinations but after a while I jumped on the cake pop band wagon and began placing sticks in my cake bites. That opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

What, or who, keeps you inspired? I love to create. I really enjoy the challenge of making cake pops with my own hands. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. It is so rewarding to see the smile on a customers face when they see the cake pops they ordered for the first time. My boys (ages 1 and 3) are cake pop addicts. I enjoy making cake pops for them too but someday we will probably have to start a cake pops anonymous group.

You live in Kansas City, MO. What are some of the sweet treats that can't be missed for travelers passing through your great town? That's an easy one. The Corner Cafe. They have these amazing cinnamon rolls that are big enough to feed four people (or just me at four different meals -so good I won't share!) I hear they have great pecan sticky buns too.

Why do you think cake pops are so popular right now? First of all, cake pops are delicious. Second of all, cake pops are so versatile. You see cake pops at children's parties but you also see cake pops at weddings. Of course, they are one of the newest trends to hit bakeries but I think they'll remain popular for a long time.

What exactly is cherry chip cake? I feel like I don't see that one on too many menus, but it's on yours. A cherry chip cake starts out like a classic white cake... but chopped maraschino cherries are added to the batter. Just a bit of the cherry juice is added as well to give it that extra dash of flavor.

What is your personal favorite of your flavors? I really like my Chocolate Caramel Bliss. It's a rich chocolate cake with swirls of caramel, dipped in chocolate.

You also make some "risque" cake pops. Are these a big part of your business? Not until recently actually and I've only have a few orders for them. They've kind of been a secret but I guess the secret is out now!

On that note, I've got to ask. Your "boob cake" pops are extremely...ah, realistic. How do you attain the perfect nipple-texture? Well, thank you. Without giving away all of my's all chocolate. I "painted" them on in multiple layers.

What is your next big goal or hope for your business? I would love to open a store front. As of right now I offer nationwide shipping and local pick up only.

For more, visit the Simply Sweet Cake Pops website!