Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Sweet cupcake art! Not by me but still awesome! Thanks Mariah for sharing!

Sweet Nostalgia: I enjoyed browsing these retro dessert recipes.

Great moments in the life of the Twinkie. Ah, yes.

A dessert worthy of a happy dance: Cherries Jubilee!

Totally not kidding: Strawberry pretzel salad.

I know it's not Girl Scout Season...but just looking at these Samoas Cupcakes makes me happy.

What a tart: well, these ones taste very good.

Watch an interview with me. I am like, so photogenic.

Bakery I wanna visit:

How did I not know this existed? American Pieways.

Like, whoa: Mario and Luigi (you know, of video game fame) Cake Pop Cake!

Whoopie! I enjoyed this entry on the Red Velvet Whoopie pie on the Starbucks blog.