Sweet States: North Dakota Destinations

Chocolate covered potato chips from Carol Widman'sYou know what's totally sweet? Getting great bakery suggestions. And with my upcoming road trip to Chicago, I'm seeking out the best places from much of sea to shining sea. Happily, Cake Gumshoe Erika, who resides in North Dakota, was kind enough to send me this wonderful list of bakery suggestions for her state! They are listed alphabetically:
The Donut Hole: My favorite place! My father and I used to go every Saturday morning when I was a child and I remember going as though it were yesterday. The store in Fargo closed quite a while ago, however I surprised my dad with a doughnut cake from The Donut Hole last year and I know that he, just like me is looking forward to another cake this year. If you go and you should, I highly recommend the Norwegian Sour Cream doughnut, French Swirl with chocolate and chocolate cookies with chocolate frosting. 1914 North 12th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501.
Photo: Nichole's Fine PastryNichole's Fine Pastry: The desserts are really great, especially the seven layer bar. nicholesfinepastry.com
Sweet Dreams Confections: Such great candy, treats and gelato. Also, the owners are the sweetest people ever. sweetdreamsconfections.com
Widman's Candy: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips: best combo ever. They are famous and Widman's has the best. carolwidmanscandy.com
Thanks, Erika! If anyone has any other North Dakota suggestions (or suggestions for any state, really), feel free to chime in!