Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Hey dudes and dudettes. If you're in Chicago this weekend, come see me at the Renegade Craft Fair! If not, just click on these links and try not to cry.

Pop! Goes the...tart!? Pop-Tarts Confetti Burst Pops!

In Search of Piefection: Southwest Airlines' in flight magazine has a great suite of sweet articles!

Treats I want to eat: Trevani Truffles!

Sweeter than the SATs: Here's a dessert quiz!

Peachy: a good-lookin' tart on Food52.

Sweet destinations: travel-worthy sweet treats.

Who knew? A company specializing in Texas Fruit Cake.

Sweet reminder: Buy my book.

Bakery I want to visit: Bluepoint Bakery, Denver.

The cost of cheesecake: it's not the calories I'm talking here.

Doughnut stop believing: A Boston Cream-doughnut themed pie.

Sweet Fayetteville: I hear Cupcake Gallery in North Carolina is pretty swell.

Sweet memories: a cereal treat smackdown!