Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Image: Handcrafts and CookeryThe happiest birthday: look at this post about someone who baked the rainbow cake from my book!

Whoopie! Or...maybe don't be so jubilant about it, because according to this article, they're not the next big thing.

Still, The Miss Cupcake's whoopie pie bar idea is none!

A funny article about baking holiday gifts in theory versus in practice.

Baking concept I love: Stolen Goods Bake Shop.

Sports star rejects cake, baker gets angry. Thanks for sharing, Lovely Confections!

LOVE this: Sponge Cake Samaritan.

Are you a Western Washington food blogger? OMG, enter this Girl Scout Cookie contest!

Mmm...Almond Biscotti. A Smitten Kitchen favorite, brought to my attention by Minty Fresh Design.

Are you a creative baker? Enter this cupcake contest for great prizes!

Who knew that there was an Arizona walnut? Who knew that they make for an awesome sticky bun?

Crafty cupcakes and artists: you might be interested in this upcoming craft conference, Craftcation!

Chocolate I wanna try: John & Kira's chocolate.