And the Winner Is...

OK, sweeties. I know you've been just dying to hear the results of our totally sweet "So You Wanna Be a CakeSpy?" contest! 

To remind you, this contest is inspired by my awesome book, CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life (October 2011). And the prizes were incredible--winner receives an all expenses paid trip to Seattle to hang out and eat cake with ME!

And I want you to know why it's taken such a long time to decide.

Because first, there were hundreds of entries. And we (a committee of me, trusted baker friends, and Sasquatch Books staffers) had to narrow it down to just 30 finalists. Man, that was hard!

And then, I opened it up to readers to vote for their favorite in whatever they'd like--facebook likes, Flickr likes, comments on the site, and even in email or Twitter form. Sheesh! Were they ever difficult to count up!

And then, after they were counted up, I said "I simply cannot do this anymore! How can I decide!" and took the pressure off of myself by taking myself out of the final voting process, instead passing on the top 5 based on votes, and had the committee to the final voting for me.

The finalists were judged on creativity, craveability, and overall embodiment of the CakeSpy spirit.

And, without further delay, here are the three winners.

Finalist 1: Neapolitan Blondie Bars

Grand Prize: Neapolitan Blondie Bars by Molly Allen! Per committee input: "not rainbow but multi-hued, and certainly whimsical and rich and delicious in the CakeSpy tradition." Molly wins: The Grand Prize, provided in partnership with Sasquatch Books--a trip for two to CakeSpy headquarters in Seattle and a visit to one of MY favorite bakeries for an afternoon of sweet treats. Other prizes include original signed CakeSpy artwork, CakeSpy goodies such as unicorn socks, and signed copies of CakeSpy Presents.

Finalist 28: The Veruca

Prize 2: The "Veruca" by Mary P.! (finalist 28). Per committee input: "Brownie GOOD marshmallow GOOD choc Rice Crispy treat GOOD". Mary wins a copy of my book and a gift certificate to CakeSpy Shop!

Finalist 14: Frau Brownies

Prize 3: Frau Brownies by Linda H.! Per committee input: "I think I just gained 20 pounds. In the best way possible." Linda wins a copy of the book and a gift certificate to CakeSpy Shop!

But even after taking myself out of the voting, I've decided that I simply couldn't ignore the awesome factor and am therefore assigning two more "Honarable Awesome" prizes--each will get a signed copy of the CakeSpy book, AND a pair of cupcake unicorn robot socks! These will go to:

Finalist 15: Cookie Time

Cookie Time! By Blondie & Brownie

Finalist 19: Funfetti Cake Balls

Agent Oink's Funfetti Cake Balls (Finalist 19)

If you're a winner, congratulations! We'll get in contact over the weekend for your deets. Thank you to EVERYONE who entered the contest - you are all truly an inspiration and have made me feel so sweet indeed.