CakeSpy Mischief: A Gentle Art Installation in Sweet Cookbooks

Donut Worry, Be Happy

What can I say? Even the sweetest of spies have sour days sometimes.

But recently when I found myself feeling not-so-swell, I decided to steer my destiny in a sweet direction and brighten my own day by adding a little magic to other people's lives.

How did I do it? It was very simple.

Sweet project

I grabbed a little stack of index cards, and wrote little notes on them--just little sweet reminders such as "you're sweet", "you are loved", and "you deserve something sweet!". 

And then I walked over to the book store, where I put the notes inside of some of my favorite books. The idea? People who pick up books I like will find a special surprise in the pages. Obviously if they've chosen the magical books I favor, they will appreciate having a little extra sweet something hidden within the pages. And the cards are slim; there was not going to be any damage to the books. It's all good stuff, people.

I did several of these notes, but here are some highlights:

Walking to the bookstore in my cute boots

Naturally, Bakerella's book had to be involved!

And of course, Krystina Castella's, too!

And (duh) mine too!

If you found one, I hope it made your day a little sweeter! I know that doing this made mine much nicer. Well, that and the ice cream sundae I ate after doing this (after all, being a do-gooder requires a lot of energy!).

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