Great Gifts: Red Envelope Gift Program

Cakespy Hoodie

So, as part of the October Great Gift Program for Red Envelope, they gave me a complimentary gift card to let me shop the site so I could honestly review something here. You know, kind of the heads up on products so you can read about it here if you decide you want to shop there. If you want to, here's the link.

Here's what I bought. First, I got the Personalized Hoodie. They had an XS, which made me happy because that is my size. Yeah! I got it personalized "CAKESPY". It's pictured above. Why they didn't divide it into "cake" and "spy" on either side of the zipper I don't know, but I still look awfully cute in it. I could see many gifting opportunities for something like this!

I also got the s'mores kit, which is a very fun thing to have on hand. I haven't broken into it yet, but it is really nicely packaged and a nice gift item for the price. 

Also - and I am just saying - they have JUMBO GUMMI BEARS.


Overall, I found it a pleasant shopping experience.

There are many more gift ideas too; click here to shop.