Billionaire's Shortbread Recipe for Peanut Butter and Company

Billionaire's shortbread

Millionaire’s shortbread pretty much rules. I mean, it’s shortbread, already buttery bliss all by itself, rendered awesomer by topping it with caramel and chocolate for what amounts to a triple-threat of delicious. It makes for a treat so rich you can kind of see where it gets its name. Billionaire's shortbread

But of course, with inflation being what it is, why stop at a million when you can have a billion? And so I present Peanut Butter Billionaire’s Shortbread, wherein two types of peanut butter is added to it and its awesome quotient is upped exponentially.

This is my latest delicious creation for Peanut Butter and Company, too--I promise, you will enjoy eating this stuff.

Ingredients for billionaire's shortbread

You can find the recipe and more photos here!