What Do Bakers Eat on their Day Off?

Cuppie enjoys a delicious burger in Seattle

Working as a baker and being surrounded by sweet treats all the time basically sounds like heaven, doesn't it? 

But when you're around sugary stuff all day, does it make it any less enjoyable? Do bakers still like to eat desserts when they're not obligated to be tasting and creating them?

Out of curiosity, I asked several bakers what they ate on their day off; here were some of the responses:

Says Sweetpeabaker: "I like to try a new restaurant, anything from BBQ to sushi. And usually breakfast tacos to start my day off right!"

Alyssa also goes savory: "In-N-Out! Nothing like a savory burger to counter all that Italian Buttercream and caramel sauce."

Sweet As Cake baker keeps it simple: "Chips!"

Pastry chef Trinity takes the route of discipline, eating "As Little as possible!"

Rich Chocolates keeps it healthy--sort of--citing "Cheese. I mean salad."

Venessa is seemingly virtuous but keeps it honest, sticking to "salad, yogurt, etc...and cake."

Pastry chef Mo is not particular, as long as it's "Not cake!".

Of course, not all bakers are immune to the sweet stuff:  cites her favorite day-off treat as "Double stuffed  Cakesters!"

And the Jellytots and Dollymixtures baker at least veers from cupcakes, and says she eats "Krispy Kremes!"