Cake Byte: News from CakeSpy Shop!

New sign!

Dudes. Dudettes.

I've received like 10 emails from concerned passers-by who noticed a moving van outside of CakeSpy Shop today. 

What I need to tell you is "DO NOT PANIC." What has happened is that the condominium above the store had a water leak, and as a result we need to do some repainting and re-carpeting. Now, I know this might crimp your shopping style if you wanted to come in person, but overall, this is going to be an awesome thing for your shopping experience. As the shop Manager and overall awesome person Natalie puts it,

Hope all is well. We just wanted to keep everyone informed about a facelift that is happening at the shop. We will be closed starting tomorrow, March 20th and will re-open Wednesday, March 28th with new carpet, painted walls, and more! All of the product that was have was packed up today very carefully, under supervision. It is waiting safely in heated storage, and we will have it moved back in ASAP!

Yet awesomer? We will be using the time that we are shut to beef up our website, and to add more stock to our shop.