Red Envelope Easter Treats Get Peeps-Bombed


Recently I was contacted by Red Envelope to do a review of their custom products Easter products (their unique Easter baskets, etc). They gave me a gift code (cha-ching!) with which to get myself somethin' at no cost. I'm sure they intended something Easter-y.

But, never having been good with know what I decided? I decided to combine the joy of Easter with the magic of Birthdays. And so I sort of broke the rules and instead of one of their (cute, admittedly) easter products, I purchased the most delicious-looking thing I could find on the entire website: The jumbo Happy Birthday Chocolate Chip cookie cake.

And then I did what any self-respecting easter lover would: I PEEPS-BOMBED IT!

I'll tell you the truth: I could tell right away that those Peeps were up to no good. How did I know this? Oh, I don't know. But the sign helped.


First, they began to surround the cookie.

Peeps mischief

And then they began to nest. 


2012-03-20 15.42.33

Like, really nest.

Peeps nesting

and then, somehow, they had decorating icing and jellybeans.


Peeps mischief

And then, before I knew it, the cookie cake was Easter-fied! And...and it was delicious.

 Peeps get the cookie

For more Easter fun, visit Red Envelope!