Buy Artwork from the CakeSpy Book at CakeSpy Shop!

Ok, you guys--I know you love my awesome cookbook CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life...because, well, as previously mentioned, it's awesome.

But did you know that you could (awesome) obtain some of the original artwork from the book? Here's the official scoop from CakeSpy Shop in Seattle:

When you look at the book, almost every single page has a cute illustration to accompany the recipes and Jessie's witty repartee. But it may interest you to know that when she was creating the illustrations for the book, she made a large "art library" from which the art director and designer, Anna, could pick and choose spot illustrations.

Join us for Art Walk this Thursday to check out a collection of the original images that Anna got to choose from. ***Warning: There will be Unicorns!*** Seems like a perfect time to pick up a copy of Jessie's cookbook if you haven't yet!

And did I mention S'moreos will be served?

Where: CakeSpy Shop, 415 E. Pine Street, Seattle

When: 5-8 pm

Why: cos you love CakeSpy art!

For more awesome things to buy, visit If you can't make it to the art walk, don't panic; it will be up all month (including during the Joy the Baker event!).