Sweet Discovery: A Magical Afternoon in Philadelphia

Image: Tartes facebook pageGuess what? I had a totally magical afternoon Philadelphia. Want to know more? OK.

First off, let's talk about Wedge + Fig. It is a cafe where they have sandwiches and salads and stuff, but even more importantly, they make all their own baked goods. Yeah! And their pastry chef is the former owner of Flying Monkey Patisserie.

I was taken there by my friend Julie, a Philadelphia resident who was eager to show off some of the sweet spots in town. I was more than happy to be shown around!

We shared a chocolate cream tart, which was that perfect balance of light and decadent which makes such a tart so delightful. Since you ask, yes, I did eat it simultaneously with a sandwich. I like to alternate bites of sweet and savory. Totally normal, right?

Looking around the adorable cafe, one of the first things I noticed was the artwork on the wall, by Mike Geno--an artist who shows at CakeSpy Shop! "I know this artist!" I said. It made me happy. I actually own one of his originals: a Thiebaudesque oil painting on wood panel of doughnuts having a conversation. It is a highly valued possession.

And then, a few minutes later, a fellow came in and started fussing around with the artwork on the wall. As it turned out, it was Mike Geno himself! And so, I got to meet an artist whose work I have long admired and who I have worked with, but our relationship had been long-distance til now. He was just as delightful as his artwork, and he talked about his thoughts on Flying Monkey Patisserie (you may know it as purveyor of the Pumpple, and also a maker of my grandma's new favorite treat, Philadelphia Butter Cake) with me. I love talking bakeries. 

After lunch, Julie and I walked down the street to the cutest bakery, possibly ever: Tartes. It's a little pink building with a walk-up bakery window, and it smells sort of like what I imagine heaven would smell like when you walk up to the window.


We got a lavender pound cake and some macaroons. When I asked the lady at the counter if they had any specialties, she said in a perfect deadpan, "The Tarts." Hey, was she getting smart with me or what?

But sticking to the important facts, the cookies and the cake were delicious, and I can't wait to make a return trip for one of their--wait for it--tarts.

Places mentioned: Wedge + Fig, Flying Monkey Patisserie, Tartes.