Ask CakeSpy: Smarties Candy Baking Ideas?

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Dear Cakespy,

So, there's this guy I like, and his favorite candies are Smarties.  I mean really, I like Smarties...but as a favorite candy?  Thankfully he has other redeeming qualities.

I have been trying to find a way to incorporate these little sugar saucers into a recipe but I'm drawing a blank. When I Google it, I get lots of recipes for the British version of Smarties, which is much closer to an M&M.

Do you have any ideas?

Get Smartie

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Dear Smartie,

I will have to confess, when you sent me this message I had to look up what Smarties were. I really did! I was mixing them up with Swee-Tarts, which are quite different.

I first ended up on the official Smarties Blog, which yielded a recipe for rock candy, but no recipes including the candy! I then browsed the company history and after several minutes realized I was really just procrastinating.

Then I did what you did and found a bunch of recipes for the UK, more M&M-esque Smarty candies.

Le sigh.

And then I realized that I still had the best tool possible: MY IMAGINATION. And here are my ideas. I came up with 8 so you can't accuse me of not really thinking about it.

1. Mash up the candies, like, mortar and pestle style, and combine with a little milk or cream to form a delicious Smarties glaze--perfect for topping sugar cookies, pound cake, or as a glaze for homemade pop-tarts.

2. Make a Smarties Cream pie. Much like I made this much lauded (but really lovable) Conversation heart cream pie, but with Smarties. 

3. Forget a recipe and make him an AIRPLANE!

4. Take a handful of Smarties. Take 2 big scoops of ice cream. A little milk. Put in the blender, and you've got yourself a shake!

5. Press them into the frosting on a layer cake for a crunchy surprise with each delicious bite. 

6. Why not try one of the recipes featuring the "other" Smarties candy, but try with the american kind? You'll only know what an American Smarties cookie tastes like if you try. 

7. I found a recipe for a Necco Wafer Gingerbread House. Could you revise it to be a Smarties House?

8. Once again, forget baking and do this.

Hope this helps get you started.