Cream of the Crop: Coconut Cream Whoopie Pies Recipe for Serious Eats

Guess what? Tomorrow (May 8) is National Coconut Cream Pie Day.

Clearly, this is an appropriate occasion to eat your weight in coconut cream pie. But why stop there? Why can't whoopie pies come to the party, too?

True: traditional whoopie pies are not pie at all—rather, they are cake-like cookies with frosting sandwiched in between. But in the case of the Coconut Cream Whoopie Pie, you can have your cake and eat your pie, too. The rich filling is sort of like a mix between coconut frosting and cream pie filling.

Moreover, these sweet sandwiches are like eating the delicious intersection between sugar cookies, coconut cake, and coconut cream pie in one delectable form—that is to say, an absolutely appropriate food to celebrate this red-letter calendar day.

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