Sweet Times: Delicious Things from Famous 4th Street Deli

Famous 4th street deli

Warning: do not attempt to eat your screen. That photo is not delicious...but it is a photo of something that was delicious, before I made it disappear into my belly.

It was a chocolate chip walnut cookie from The Famous Fourth Street Delicatessen in Philadelphia.

This is a magical establishment, where you can go and celebrate excess in food form. Warm up for dessert with a sandwich the size of The Hulk's head, or a trough of matzoh ball soup.

But DO save room for dessert. Because they make good stuff. Cheesecake! Macaroons!


Checkerboard cake! Eclairs! Banana chocolate cream pie! JUMBO COOKIES! And that's just to name a few.


So. I should tell you, these desserts are huge. Like, seriously huge. But unlike a lot of desserts which are dramatic in size and size only, these ones bring it to the table, flavor-wise. I sampled just a few of the wide array of treats.

Let me start with the rugelach. Unlike rugelach I have experienced in my time, this was more like the size of a jumbo danish than the petite rolled cookies I'm accustomed to. It was flaky and rich, with a nutty filling. It was two servings as a snack, or a decidedly decadent breakfast.

Famous 4th street deli

The cookies (regular size) were also of very high quality. The texture was crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and it was an absolute minefield of fillings--nuts and chocolate chips--making each bite a delicious adventure. A good cookie indeed.

What are you waiting for? Go visit. You'll get fed real good.

Famous 4th street deli

700 south 4th street, Philadelphia; online here.