50 Awesome Moments Since My Book Came Out

Oh, snap!

It's been the better part of a year since my amazing book, CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life came out!

Since it came out, there have been many amazing things that have happened in my life.


Get ready, because I'm about to tell you 50 of them, including before and after my book tour!


I got to see my book! In person! HELLO, BOOK!
I got to share my book with my pug. He approved, I think.
I've had ample opportunity to sell my book in a modest and respectful way.
I've gotten to see my book in exciting stacks, like this.
Barnes and noble
I've made store displays better by making sure my book is visible.

I got to promote my book in San Francisco, at Omnivore Books, and I brought these tricked-out cereal treats (recipe is in the book!)
I got a big poster of my book cover, which I carried around everywhere I went for a while.
Portage Bay Goods, Seattle
I had an art walk event at Portage Bay Goods! 
Signing books!
I had an absolutely amazing book launch party at CakeSpy Shop. There was standing room only!!
Photo: Briaan
I had a really fun series of events at Cupcake Royale, including one in Capitol Hill.
I got to have a really fun event at Teacake Bake Shop in the Bay area.
I got to go to Boston on book tour. Have you ever visited SWEET? It's adorable. Their cupcakes are pictured at the top of this post.
Pumpkin Bread French Toast, Rox Diner, MA
To warm up for book events, I went to Rox Diner, where they served this Pumpkin Bread French Toast.
Additionally, to maintain strength for tour, I had a cannoli tasting in Boston.
Antoine's Bakery, Watertown MA
Between tour stops in the Boston area, I got to eat this cookie.
I got to go to Newburyport on book tour. There is a street in Newburyport called Unicorn Street. I had a great event at Eat Cake!
I got to go to NYC on book tour; in Manhattan, I stopped at Butter Lane.
Along the way, I got to sell some of my sweet products.
I got to go to Brooklyn on book tour, to one of the best bakeries ever: BAKED!
Photo c/o Jen
I got to go to Baltimore on book tour. I hung out with bloggers like Jennifer, the Cupcake Crusaders, and Coconut & Lime!
I got to go to Washington DC on book tour, at a wonderful spot called Baked & Wired. I sold out of books there. 
I also got to have kind of a high school reunion in DC - who knew so many Wall High School, NJ graduates now live there?
I got to go to Philadelphia on book tour. The event was at the lovely and amazing Bredenbeck's!
Bredenbeck's, Philadelphia
In Philadelphia, they had made rainbow cake to share with attendees. The recipe's in the book.
They also made Rainbow Cookies. Want the recipe? It's in the book. Buy it!
Gelato from Capogiro, Philadelphia
While in Philadelphia, I also got to meet Capogiro Gelato. hello, Capogiro!
I got to hang out with the sweet staff at Angel Food Bakery in Chicago on book tour!
Me and Chris from Sugarush a Sweet Experience, Red Bank, NJ
I got to go to Red bank, NJ on book tour. Here I am at Sugarush a Sweet Experience with owner Chris.
I got to go to Los Angeles on book tour.
My second stop in LA was Village Bakery. Unfortunately it was a rainy day in LA and it was my least-attended event, but it was still really fun.
At one point, my book made a man make a run for a big rainbow in the sky.
I got to go to Claremont, CA on book tour. YES!
Also exciting about Claremont: Vanilla Sunshine Cupcakery has my art on the walls. I had the cupcakes say hello to it.
I also had a moment, in Los Angeles, to say "eff you" to this display.
I had many chances to observe how good my book looks next to cupcakes.
I finally got to meet Bethany and Tina of Scoopalicious! This happened in Boston.
I really got to hurt a few cupcakes.
I got to see my friends Rachel and Nichelle of Cupcakes Take the Cake.
I got to reconnect with Kelly, who went to art school with me in Brooklyn. We saw each other at BAKED. 
I got to share my book with my sister and my nephew.
I got to eat so many baked goods on book tour.
Over and over, I have gotten a chance to see my own likeness and that of my book cover. 
I sold books and signed them for whoever would ask.
My 4th grade teacher came to one of my signings.
Me and Haley
I had a really fun event at Venue in Ballard, Seattle. Here I am with Haley, who handled publicity for the book.
Trophy Cupcakes made cupcakes to look like my character!
I ate one of those cupcakes, and it tasted good.
I sold my book at Crafty Wonderland, in Portland OR
My book is going to be on the TODAY Show!
My book was on the Today Show.
On a TV appearance in San Francisco...I got to meet Jay and Silent Bob!