Wedding Dessert Trend Alert from Dianne's Delights

Dianne's Delights

The best way to find out what's trending in the world of wedding desserts? Ask someone who makes them. Dianne's Delights is a custom dessert-maker in Washington, and recently I hit them up to ask about some of the most requested items at celebrations. The most interesting ones, in my opinion? Wine-infused cake balls and dessert bars. Here, the sweet folks at Dianne's Delights were kind enough to share more information and thoughts on the trends: 

The ultimate wine lover’s dessert: Wine-infused cake balls! What’s better than wine and dessert? How about putting them together in a unique and delicious way. Recently wineries have been featuring these delectable infused desserts as part of their latest wine events. It is a way for wineries to create a unique experience for their customers. These wineries have been singing the praises of Dianne’s Delights who created this concept at last year’s Taste Washington event.  Dianne takes the wine and infuses it with her cake balls making a wonderful bite sized treat that balances the flavors perfectly. This idea is catching on quick and more and more wineries are asking for Dianne’s Delights to make them their very own dessert from their collection. 

Dessert Bars Gaining in Popularity! Move over, five-tier cake….there is a new trend brewing and it is catching on quickly: dessert bars. What are they? Well imagine a table filled with different dessert options that are sure to please everyone. As weddings evolve and people continue to look for creative ideas they are more and more looking to flip the old wedding stereotypes on their heads.

 Having two flavors of dry cake that only a percentage of your guests will actually enjoy is one of those old traditions we are glad to see going bye-bye. Instead, more and more brides are opting for a small topper cake (for the cutting ceremony) and a full dessert bar. This approach guarantees that more guests will enjoy dessert and is a fun and creative way to solve the dreaded wedding cake reality. 

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