Sweet Shots: 10 Happy Images From CakeSpy

Not that you need any MORE sweetness when you come 'round this website, but just to put you on sugar-sweet overload, here are 10 images that made me smile this week, from various places. First, above: cupcakes made by Carmen.

Second: a sweet shot of my zombie-cupcake card holder helping my friend Laurie hold her subway card in Tokyo! Wow, that little cake is well-traveled!

Source: twitpic.com via Cake on Pinterest


Three: a magical unicorn, sent to me by my friend who happens to own Church of Cupcakes.

Source: cakespy.com via Cake on Pinterest


Four: my favorite painting in quite some time.


Five: THIS CAKE, which I found on Pinterest.

Source: cakespy.com via Cake on Pinterest


Six: this cake, which I made! 

This little cupcake rode a pug

Seven: Who WOULDN'T be happy about a cupcake riding a pug?


Eight: Two words (or just one that I made up, I guess): UniCow!

Source: cakespy.com via Cake on Pinterest


Nine: I found cupcakes that resembled my character in the Northeast - I decorated them to complete the association, in photoshop!


Ten: since I love it when sweets look like other sweets, I found these macaron ice cream cones freaking adorable!