Sweet Links: 4th of July Awesomeness

Source: cakespy.com via Stacy on Pinterest


Stuff your face with something awesome this Fourth of July!

Explosively delicious: Pop Rocks cookies!

Any of these foods that look like summer foods!

American flag cake!

4th of July chocolate covered strawberries!

America the Sweet: Hartford Election Day Cake from United Cakes of America.

Totally sweet trompe l'oeil: hot dog and hamburger style!

Why can't I be eating it right now: pop rocks pound cake!

Grilled Poundcake!

Firecracker cupcakes!

Salty sweet: pretzel Americana.

Seeing red isn't so bad, when it's Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake.

Got extra cake? No worries, cool it down in Cake Shake form!

My American Flag cake on Serious Eats!