Cake Byte: Bake Sale to Support Cafe Racer Victims at CakeSpy Shop!

Support a sweet cause at CakeSpy Shop coming up on Saturday, the 14th! Per store manager Natalie:
Please join us on Saturday, July 14th to buy baked goods for a very special cause--we will be raising money for the families of the victims of the horrific shootings at Cafe Racer. We will start the bake sale at 1:30 and it will run through the end of the day or until the treats sell out, so come early! 

***If you would like to help by donating a treat for this bake sale, please send an email***

If you can't make it that day, please take a moment and make a donation here: We look forward to seeing everyone at this very important bake sale!
 We are still on the hunt for more baked donations, so as people volunteer, I will add names and more specifics. The more, the merrier!