Back to School Sweetness


Not to alarm you, but those aren't flowers. They are COOKIES. For real. Once again, Blossomedge has provided some totally sweet tutorials on how to make cookies more awesome, this time with a back to school theme. Perfect for teachers!

Here goes:

Cookie Bouquet

Black eyed Susan cookies in a chalk pot. A chalk pot is a container with a chalkboard surface on which to write a personalized message. This is such an adorable gift to make a teacher because after the cookies have been eaten, the message can be erased and then the pot used as perhaps a fun place to write a daily message for the students! The container can also be used as a cute place to store rulers, pens, crayons...or even chalk! :)

Another fun gift to make for Autumn is a basketful of sunflower cookies (pictured top of post)! Cinnamon and sugar crusted brownie cookies make up the center of the sunflowers and you can arrange the cookie flowers in such a way that it looks as if you have just returned from flower picking in a sunflower patch! How cute is that?

Both of the tutorials can be found here.