What Annoys You at a Bakery?

Cupcake at the Bakery

I asked this important question on Twitter the other day: what annoys you at a bakery?

Personally, I have a few pet peeves. One is bad coffee. Why do excellent bakeries so often just drop the standard when it comes to coffee, offering stale or weak or otherwise terrible coffee? It seems to happen all too often. Another is apathetic service: employees who don't know what a baked good is, or how it's made, or what it's made with. It bums me out! Because I'm always so curious.

I was so fascinated by everyone's responses, though. Here are just a few of your pet peeves:

When the cupcakes and cakes look AMAZING but then taste just so-so. ( @iambakertweets)

When there aren't many savory items! Also, a lot of places stopped serving drip decaf & you have to pay for an Americano. ()

When they get a new baker and everything tastes different. And not in a good way. ()

 Too much of the same item, in different flavors. ()

How about you? What annoys you at a bakery?