Baked Good of the Day: "Mile High" Apple Pie from More Than Just Ice Cream, Philadelphia

Mile High Pie

At More Than Just Ice Cream in Philadelphia, they have a deep dish “mile high apple pie” that is served more in slabs than in slices, and they cost about $7 each. But, to their credit, they are extremely huge. Like, bigger than your head huge. 

This pie is huge!

I had purchased a slice of it to make some pie parfaits and was still left with about 2 pounds of pie, so I did what any red-blooded dessert lover would: I ate the thing.

With ice cream, thankyouverymuch. And not just any ice cream—cinnamon roll ice cream. Yes, good idea. It was also from More Than Just Ice Cream, though they do not make it on site. It had real chunks of cinnamon roll in it. It might sound like too much, but it's not.

BIG pie

What to say about the pie? It was good if not great—it was a good sharing dessert and not too pricey considering the size. But I wouldn't call it a highly faceted dessert or one with a deep flavor profile. But sometimes that is just fine,because it paired very nicely with the ice cream and worked very well as a breakfast the next morning.


Sometimes serviceable is what you need in a dessert, and this one fits the bill. It's fun because of the size and shape, and a pleasant sweet to share with a friend or two. Or five.  

More than Just Ice Cream, 1119 Locust Street, Philadelphia; online here.