Chocolate Avocado Pie

You might be hesitant to embrace the idea of Avocado Pie. After all, avocado is probably more famous for its starring role in guacamole, or as a sandwich or salad component than as a delicious dessert item. But avocado isn't unknown in the world of sweets: in fact, in several Asian countries (and in Brazil too, I hear) avocado shakes are quite popular.

Like the popular shake, the avocado in this pie gets its sugary boost from sweetened condensed milk. When pureed and mixed with the milk, the fruity side of avocado really comes out to play with your taste buds. And once you get past the vibrant Kermit color, it's got a nutty and surprisingly subtle flavor. Combined with chocolate, it gets even better—sweet, light yet satisfyingly rich, with a dark crunch from the chocolate chips and cookie crust. Though adding the chocolate morsels is optional, I find them to add a nice textural contrast to the creaminess of the avocado, and serve as a nice echo to the cookie crust.

While the unique flavor of this pie might not be for everyone, lovers of avocado would serve themselves well to give it a try.

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