CakeSpy Undercover: Philly Flavors, Philadelphia

Philly Flavors

I would like to talk about the ice cream at Philly Flavors. It's the strangest ice cream shop configuration: they have two storefronts next to one another but which cannot be entered from the inside one to the other. I asked what the difference was between both spaces, and the counter person (who, I just have to say it, was completely rude) said “we basically have the same stuff”. OK.

Considering that, I headed next door, where they were friendlier. In surveying the choices, one intrigued me more than any other: “Crazy Vanilla”. It intrigued me, of course, because the “crazy” was written in rainbow colors on the menu. When I asked what made it crazy, I was told that it was the fact that it had rainbow sprinkles mashed into it. “That sounds about right.” I said.

I ordered a small cup, but it was served to me in a cup resembling a trough. It was pretty large. The ice cream did indeed have rainbow sprinkles mashed into it, which made me happy, and as expected, they dressed up the vanilla just enough to add a little bit of intrigue and magic to the texture and taste (by making it slightly sweeter).

Philly Flavors

The ice cream was rather respectable: very creamy and smooth, and highly happiness-inducing. While I wouldn't go so far as to call it a destination-worthy spot, I would say that should you find yourself craving some ice cream after running up the steps a la Rocky at the nearby Philadelphia Art Museum, or desiring dessert post-tour at the penitentiary, it's a respectable spot for a sweet fix.

Philly Flavors, 2004 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia. Online here.