Sweet Art: Faceoffs

Pie vs cake

Happy Holiday Monday, everyone! I hope you have the day off from work, and suggest you buy yourself a cupcake to celebrate. Or if you do have to work, I suggest you buy yourself two cupcakes, to comfort yourself.

I was recently going through some of my intense pastry faceoff artwork and thought I would post some of my favorite images--guaranteed to make you smile as you decide, in your heart of hearts, who you think would win each battle.

Here, an epic battle between Pop-Tart and Toaster Strudel: Pop-tart Faceoff!

And here, the age-old conflict between bunnies and cake over who deserves carrots more: Faceoff: Bunnies v. Carrot Cake

And over here, a total freeze-out: War of the Summer Treats

A homemade versus store-bought battle in Seattle: Battle in Seattle

a cupcake feeling threatened by the seasonal treat of the moment: Cupcake Vs. Girl Scout Cookies

One that is not sweet, but savory--battle of the buns! Battle of the Buns

and proof that sometimes faceoffs are more intellectual: Age-old battle

and finally, perhaps the most epic battle... Battle Royale

Of course, I should also mention that my artwork, prints, and a bunch more products can be purchased here.