Cake Byte: Red Velvet Pop-Tarts Exist

Image: theimpulsivebuy on flickr

Apparently, a Pop-Tart and a slice of Red Velvet had a very intimate evening in the breadbox, because this is completely not a joke. It's true. For a limited time only, taking their place in your heart next to the red velvet donut at Dunkin', something that actually exists is Red Velvet Pop-Tarts.

Image: Biggest MenuAs the official Pop-Tarts website says, 

Sweet cream-cheese-flavored filling enveloped by a red velvety crust and topped with vanilla icing and sprinkles. Toast it for a delicious treat your taste buds won't soon forget.

Although I haven't tried them yet, I found a helpful review on Foodette Reviews, who reports:

Surprisingly, they are actually good and taste like their namesake. Albeit, you're not going to find a distinct resemblance to Aunt Sarah's homemade from scratch, vinegar in the batter red velvet cake with mounds of frosting, but these will definitely save you the time and labor you would normally take in making a red velvet cake from a box. They have that raw flour, not-sweet cake batter flavor that I personally adore, and the filling adds a touch of sweetness and a little creaminess, too. Warm, they fared somewhat less successful and tasted like pancake batter, probably because all the frosting evaporated out.  

Red Velvet Pop-tarts, yes; visit the Pop-tarts website for more information or where to buy.