Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Delicious, though not sweet: different types of gnocchi (an article I wrote!).

Useful: how to cut and de-seed a pomegranate.

Pumpkin pie with shortbread cookie crust. Great use for that leftover can of pumpkin!

Leftover Thanksgiving Pie Milkshake. Should you find yourself with leftover pie, that is.

How to make perfect pound cake.

My friend Jeff wrote a great round-up of the Pillsbury Bake-Off. Read it!

Don't forget to read my roundup of the Bake-Off, too.

If you still haven't had enough pumpkin pie, make pumpkin pie cookies!

Great use of leftover cranberry sauce: cranberry sauce bar cookies.

Other great use of cranberry sauce: cranberry sauce filled jelly doughnuts.

Yet another great use: cranberry sauce cinnamon rolls.

YES! Cranberry orange pop-tarts. Homemade.