Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Peppermint snowball cookies. Brilliant!

DIY pudding mix. Cool!

I wish I could go to this Modern Bakery show!

How cool is this: a Japanese take on the Blondies recipe from my book, via Ninja Baking.

I'm still rather proud of these stained glass cookies I made.

I like it: eggnog pb cup cupcakes.

I love these "celebration oreos" - homemade!

In case you missed it: cute guys who also decorate cakes.

Scenes from Seattle's Gingerbread village.

Holiday cutout cookies with buttermilk--a classic!

A beloved Queens bakery re-opens. Hooray!

I'm interested: Viennese chocolate pepper cookies.

Yumsies: a collection of creative cinnamon rolls.