Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Source: via Cake on Pinterest


This week, the theme is unusual or little-discovered sweets.

Ever heard of Walnettos? They have a rather interesting history.

Oh, the snitter. A specialty at a Scandinavian bakery in Seattle.

Cookies made from crumb cake topping? Oh heaven.

I'd never heard of ice cream pizza before.

Calas? A type of doughnut, but not the kind you know!

The fascinating military specified brownie. (thanks, Anne!)

Seaweed pudding!?!?!

Ever heard of kruidkoek?

When in Rhode Island...

Navy Bean Pie? Tell me more.

Penny Licks? What are they, what's the story?

There is a place in Idaho that serves square ice cream. JUST SAYING.

Ever heard of an Apee?

Sure, you know of Ovaltine. But when is the last time you drank it? And do you know its history?