Happy St. Patrick's Day, Love CakeSpy

Green Baby Unicorns

Photo: flickr user Dragons and Beasties

Happy St. Patrick's Day, sweet ones. Here are some links that I think you'll enjoy!

Homemade Shamrock Shake. YES!

Forget Red Velvet. Today, it's Green Velvet!

This cake is also very magical.

A rather magical St. Patrick's Day Cake.

Meet the Irish Potato Candy!

Chocolate Irish Cream Pie. YUM.

Wearing o'green cake, by Taste of Home!

SpyMom's Irish Soda Bread. It's tasty.

Chocolate Mint Pie. Yum again.

Peanut Butter St. Patrick's Day Truffles. Yum!

Make Irish Soda Bread Awesomer.

You know, Nanaimo Bars would taste great with some Irish Cream...

Or just pick up an Irish Cream Donut.

The Curious Case of the St. Patrick's Day Frog Cupcake.