Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Fine Art Cuppies

Got leftover Girl Scout cookies? Do-si-do pie time!

This pink ombre cake makes me so happy!

What is butter? Find out here.

I got so excited when I read "butter shake". Turns out there's no butter, but it still sounds interesting.

This looks tasty: Strawberry rhubarb coffee cake.

Cake that looks like steak and other trompe l'oeil treats always make me smile!

Hooray! In addition to the CakeSpy online shop, I'm also selling on Etsy again! I know that some shoppers prefer that there you go! 

I'm intrigued: cucumber cake!

Also intrigued by: Radish pudding!

This is so adorable: pizza cake!

Lovin' this ruffle cake!

Getting married? Some reasons why you might want to consider cupcakes for your wedding.

In case you missed book tour dates!