A Silk Soymilk Daydream


It all started with a little daydream. It involved unicorns, of course, because my dreams always do. In that dream, Dairy milk admitted defeat and Soy milk reigned supreme.

What prompted this daydream? Well, recently I was chosen to do a post about the new taste of Silk Soymilk. This was exciting for a few reasons. First, because they paid me to do it! I love it when I make money! 

Second, because even though I'm certainly not a vegan, I like the stuff. My mom started to buy it during a health food kick, and I actually became quite accustomed to, and then to rather prefer, the taste. With some things, such as oatmeal, I actually prefer a lightly flavored soy milk to dairy milk.

So when I heard they had reconfigured their recipe to make it even more delicious, I really wanted to be on board. And I'm happy to report that the new stuff is delectable - even smoother and creamier than the former version. It's good stuff. But I am always better at expressing myself through images than words...so, I dreamed up an imaginary ad campaign for them, starting with the moment above: Soy milk ging dairy milk a serious run for its money. 

Now, if something like that happened...what other sweet magic could happen in a word of Silk? Let's see.


What magic could happen?

If they were made with soy milk and ice cream...cows might like milkshakes! Cows could like milkshakes!

Your Cereal might sing, it loved the taste so much! Of course, it might not sing a song you like...Your Cereal could sing! Cookies might discover a new kind of love. Cookies and soy milk or at the very least, after school snack time would never be the same! Silk milk and cookies Your lattes could go from humdrum to exciting--the new soy milk makes a very nice foam! Lame latte to luxe It's possible that rainbows might shoot out of your next pudding pie. *Dramatization* OMG! The art of the milkshake would certainly be...well, shaken up. Silkshake The Silk hot chocolate might make even a robot show emotion! Robots love soy milk People might be DYING to know the secret ingredient in your cake (hint: it's not milk! It's soy milk!). Everyone has a secret!

Thank you to Silk for letting me sample their new product and have so much artistic fun with it!

This post is brought to you by Silk. Take the Tastemaker Challenge on facebook.com/silkUS.