Secret Lives of Baked Goods: Recipe Help and Clarification!

This is the page where I clarify things that may be helpful from the book. Post a question or email me at and I'll post answers here! The recipes will be posted in the order they appear in the book. I'll post as people ask, so all recipes might not have something listed!


Pans: the recipe does not specify how many cake pans. You can divide the batter into either two or three cake pans, just make sure the batter is evenly divided. The recipe's assembly instructions and baking time, however, are intended for three layers. 


The frosting recipe does not specify clearly when to add the evaporated milk. You'll add that after melting the butter. Once stirred add the 2-3rds cup of cocoa powder.

Also, the cocoa should be 2/3 CUP.