Sweet Giveaway: How to Make a Dog Cake

Confetti Cakes for Craftsy

You love your dog. Your dog is part of your family. You'd do anything for your dog. Wait...you've NEVER made a cake with its canine likeness?!?! Do you really love your dog at all? 

Let's remedy this situation STAT. The way to do it, naturally, is by taking a Craftsy Course on How to Make a Dog Cake. Since it's taught by "cake whisperer" Elisa Strauss (a nickname I just chose this instant, because it's true) of Confetti Cakes, you know you're going to learn some good stuff. I mean seriously, she's the decorator of cakes like this:

Cheesesteak Cake

and this. (there's a course on how to make this one, too!).

Confetti Cakes for Craftsy

Now, the course does come with a charge (free preview here), but here and now we're going to host a giveaway, and we're offering the class for free to one lucky entrant! 

But before we get into the giveaway, I'm sure you're curious about Elisa and the course. So I asked some of the most pressing questions. Here you go:

What is the hardest part about making a dog cake? Getting the face right so it looks similar to the dog (it usually is all about the eyes!) -If you could go back in time to when you first started making cakes and give yourself a cake decorating trick or tip, what would it be? Everything takes longer then you think- be prepared.  

I recently learned that most people eat animal crackers in a particular order: hind legs, forelegs, head, then body. What part of a dog themed cake do people typically eat first? Probably the head or the tail....starting at one end or the other :-)

What is your next great cake adventure? Excited to release a FREE course on the basics of fondant (out June 19th) And a series on YouTube this Fall, hoping people will subscribe to my channel so they will be one of the first to know! (CakeSpy Note: Follow the Youtube Channel here!

Now, back to the giveaway. Do you want to win a free Craftsy course on How to Make a Dog Cake? Here's how you enter.

What you need to do to enter: Post a picture of the dog you'd like to immortalize in cake form, and briefly state why your pooch would make the cutest cake! You can do this in one of two ways.

Either via email: cakespycontest@gmail.com. If you do email a photo, please include "Dog Cake Contest" in the subject line, or your entry may be lost! 

or by posting the picture: do that on the CakeSpy Facebook wall, ok?

CakeSpy and company will collect the photos over the next week or so, and one week from today, June 24, we will decide which dog we think will make the cutest cake--that's going to be the winner!! 

Since this is a virtual course, entrants from all over the world are welcome. Good luck!