Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Are doughnut wedding cakes the new big thing? It's been said since 2010 and before, but maybe now for real?

Related: I love this wedding cake.

Also related: Haters be damned, doughnuts are a fantastic trend!

Oh, hi. Have you ever been to a secret recipe potluck?

Sparkling desserts with kind of roundup!

Road trip to Berlin to eat cupcakes. I want that to be my life!

OMG! Chocolate waffles!

Ever heard of a snitter?

Or schmoo cake

Sounds refreshing: Pimms Jelly with Cubumer Sorbet!

Important life skill: how to make a candy salad.

Crullers, a recipe, and a mystery.

Curious about the secret life of a cake spy? Read this interview!