Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Photo via Alaska from ScratchI'm seriously into these mini lemon meringues! 

Bread winner: a tasty pecan cherry whole wheat loaf. I can only imagine the tasty French toast that would make!

It's a great day for a peach cobbler milkshake.

Behind the scenes in the life of a bake-off contestant!

I want this sundae!

I definitely want to eat these Portuguese croissants.

Great search parameters on Etsy...

Tastes like a dream...homemade creamsicles!

I'm pretty sure I have shared this before, but wow--again! Neapolitan rose cake!

Chocolate creme fraiche pound cake--fantastic!

Tasty for the summer: a cake that looks like a watermelon! 

Sounds like a guilty pleasure to me: pudding ice cream! 

Remember this totally sweet cupcake art installation I did?