CakeSpy for Craftsy: A Primer on the Different Types of Cakes

Inspired by Miette's cakes, in acrylic

Listen! I know you're hungry for more CakeSpy updates, but I have been driving to and from Los Angeles from Santa Fe, so I've been kind of occupied and internet-less! But in the meantime, I thought you might like a sneak peek of a fantastic article I wrote for Craftsy regarding different types of cakes!

There are so many wonderful cakes in the world. From Angel Food and Birthday Cake to Red Velvet and Strawberry Shortcake, there are infinite glorious variations on this luscious and inherently happy food. But did you know that most cakes are just variations of a few simple types? It’s true. Learn the basic types of cakes, and you have a base of batter knowledge that you can take in hundreds of different cake decorating and flavor directions.

Curious? Well, you'll want to read the full article. I made a wonderful primer on the different types of cakes for, which you can read on their site!